Autumn Lover



Today is such an uplifting day for me! My partner, Dan, bought me this beautiful ukulele from The Drive. I can’t think of any better gift than a tiny portable ukulele.

Autumn is almost the end. It’s getting colder and darker in Vancouver. However, the warmth from the ukulele brings me joy. I’m practicing on it, catching up my strumming, and absolutely falling in love with it. I named her Maple. She is my lover officially. xoxoMaple Leaf




KA S 15
KA S 15


Yesterday I was an early bird for once.I went to a free donation yoga class and played flow with Sufey (instructor). It was super fun and inspiring to be in the space of peaceful mind. After class, I had decent one to one chat with Sufey. Many questions and directions I asked. Gratefully I was inspired by her passion and dedication towards yoga. And so I’ve started my first meditation today and felt so weightless afterwards!

This morning, I’ve created a new list for myself– try new things every day!